Drum roll please.. I am very excited to announce the arrival of my brand new website. The domain name remains the same, chuckhaney.com but now the site is totally revamped with new content. It was designed to make it very easy for you to navigate around on. My old site had served me very well for many years, but it was time for an update with a fresh and current style.

Earlier in the winter, I had completely gone through my “searchable stock files’ gleaning over 16,000 images and paring them down to a much more manageable and tighter selection of 9,000 for you image researchers out there. I have also completely gone through my Portfolios page as well. I poured over my entire catalog of over 20,000 digital images and selected the finest 900 to put on the site. This truly represents the “best of the best” images of my career, so I encourage you to take some time and go through a few folders.

I have a new method for sharpening my web files now. They look awesome! I also wanted to apply my new copyright logo onto the images. Hopefully, the logo will discourage or curtail the theft of my images somewhat. I also think the new logo looks very cool!

Thanks to my web designers JJ Walburn and Brigetta Schwaiger of Fly Girls Media for taking my vision and assembling and building my new site. http://www.flygirlsmedia.com


©Chuck Haney Lake of the Clouds

This is my new version of “Lake of the Clouds” after applying luminosity masking techniques.


All this time in front of the computer screen has been necessary and it has also cut back on my shooting time out in the field in January. With these projects now in the rearview mirror I am eagerly anticipating getting out and shooting much more again in February.

First off will be the Summit of the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA) in San Diego. This organization is the first and only association to be dedicated to nature photography. I learn so much and get very inspired by all the great speakers and presenters during the conference. It also a great place to meet many other photographers in person that I only know by the names on their photo credits. All this rubbing shoulders with others in the industry gives a great feel for the current state of affairs in our profession. There are also plenty of non-professional shooters who attend as well. If you are an aspiring photographer, I would highly encourage you to look into joining this great organization. http://www.nanpa.org

After the conference, I will be out for a few days shooting the San Diego skyline and at Joshua Tree National Park before meeting my workshop students in Death Valley National Park for the first class of the season. I am really looking forward to teaching again, especially in a warm setting. Death Valley is a really special America landscape and I relish the opportunity to be be able to capture new images to show off her vast beauty.

I am also looking forward to applying my newfound Photoshop techniques to my images. I have been studying hard this winter to improve my layering skills using luminosity blending methods. I think you will notice an improvement to my final images starting later this winter.

I still have 4 openings for my Oregon coast workshop in May. You don’t want to miss this one! The stunning Pacific Ocean coastline offer so much to explore and capture. Lighthouses, rolling sand dunes, impressive sea stacks and empty beaches are just some of the possibilities of this exciting long weekend. I hope you can make it happen this spring and join me.