5 Reasons Every Aspiring Photographer Should Experience My Glacier National Park Photography Workshops (next one is July 2024).

Inspiration.Photography can really lead to personal growth and a creative way of seeing that no other craft can quite do. You’ve seen those amazing images in magazines, calendars and online for years. With the right tutelage and guidance your personal images can stand out just as much as published works. Many of my past clients proudly hang their new images on their wallspaces as truly fine pieces of art.

Learn a thing or two about the craft. If you are new to photography, then there is a lot to grasp. You won’t become Ansel Adams after one weekend, but you will be on the path towards getting better each time you go out. I’ve been practicing for three decades now and am still learning new tricks. In fact, learning new techniques, both in the field and on the computer are some of my favorite aspects of photography.

Glacier Autumn Photography workshop

Camaraderie.There’s nothing like hanging out with a group of like-minded people for a long weekend. Ideas rub off and lifelong friendships are forged. My favorite part of leading these workshops has been the friendships created. I try to keep the classes fun, you are on vacation after all!

Glacier lillies carpet the meadows at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park in Montana

See the park in a whole new way. Most visitors to Glacier National Park stick to the side of the road or never leave their car while traveling along the famed Going to the Sun Road. They also tend to congregate from mid-morning through the afternoon. It is, in mild terms, a bottleneck of people during mid-day. Our groups are out at dawn (and sunset) when the park is peaceful and bathed in beautiful light. Wildlife is more active at these times of day as well.


Learn about a culture that is true American in every way.We spend Saturday evening during the summer class attending North American Indians Days in nearby Browning where we help celebrate Native American plains culture. We learn many facets of photography by capturing fast moving rodeo action and traditional dancing contests in full regalia. The smiling faces, the smell of frybread and the beating of the drums remain indelibly etched in ones mind long after we depart.

Traditional Dancing at North American Indian Days celebration in Browning Montana