245                             My Top Three Tips from My Glacier National Park Photography Workshops

#1 – Come prepared by knowing the functions of your camera. Bring appropriate clothing and hiking gear for the conditions. Most of all, bring a good attitude as you will get up early and experience the park in a setting that most visitors to the park never witness. We’ll see Glacier National Park in all of its glorious tones and light before the crowds build up. 

2017 Glacier summer workshop in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Glacier Summer Photo Workshop in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Prairie wildflowers in meadow in Glacier National Park, Montana. Canon 24-70 2.8 L lens

# 2 – Have a wide range of focal lengths for your camera lenses. We will be shooting the “grand” Montana landscapes with wide angle lenses in the 16-35mm range.

A macro lens can be fun to capture intimate details of wildflowers or dewy spider webs, for example.

A telephoto lens is a must for the parks wildlife and birds.

Some years, we visit North American Indian Days in nearby Browning on Saturday evening for fast action rodeo and portraits during the dancing contests.

I suggest at least a 300mm lens for your telephoto selection. Personally, I use a Canon 100-500mm and am quite happy with the results.

Native pride during the annual North American Indian Days celebration in Browning Montana. Canon 100-400mm L lens

#3 – Pace yourself during this Glacier Park Photo Workshop. 

Summer days in Montana are quite lengthy. We are generally out by 5am to catch the sunrise (weather provided).

We’re back from the field around 8am for a group breakfast, then you have until the late afternoon before we reconvene for image review of the morning shoot.

I suggest taking a hike (if your spouse is along, spending quality time together) or taking a nap.

We are then out in the field again for amazing images until sunset which is around 9pm or later. 

I have both a summer workshop class scheduled in 2024 –  

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