Greetings from Big Sky Country,

Diversity of a portfolio. I guess, I am best known as a “landscape” photographer who knows how to use natural light in his images. I can see how that label can be applied to my work, given that much of my published work is landscapes. But did you know that I shoot an amazing variety (and quantity) of subjects?

This past month, for example,  I photographed architecture, cityscapes and high school basketball tournament action while in Butte, Montana one weekend.  I then travelled to visit my friends, Kathy and Bob Lee at their ranch near Judith Gap to shoot for a future edition of Farm and Ranch Living Magazine. The next morning, I stopped at Freezeout Lake to capture the spring migration of snow geese (it was bust in the snow) and then finished the trip  by shooting one of my favorite waterfalls cloaked in fresh snowfall before returning home.  So while being known for my landscape work is flattering, I shoot so much more. I truly believe that to be a great photographer  you have to shoot subjects that you are passionate about. Take a look through the categories and images on my portfolios page. and you will see that I am a man with a bevy of passions. 
I wrote and photographed about the AA State High School basketball tournament for a blog site, The Last Best Plates. In addition to photography, I have also written over 80 published articles.
Photographing sports action in a dimly gym or arena can prove to be challenging. State of the art cameras make it MUCH easier than it used to be. I shot this tournament without any flash units. To get tips and the story behind shooting low light sports action, please read the rest of the story on my blog.
Rancher Bob Lee with his newborn calves at the family ranch near Judith Gap, Montana.
I  also visited southern Florida for the second time in the last three years. Shooting in the heat and humidity, and the highly flat terrain of this southern landscape is definitely still a new experience for me.  I saw it with fresh eyes. Again, the diversity of subject matter ruled the day as I shot everything I found interesting, including cityscapes, butterflies and birds. To view my new images of the last month, please click on the viewing platforms.



What’s on deck?I have an epic road trip coming up. The trusty Subaru Outback will be put to the test as I drive from northwest Montana all the way to Arizona where I will hopefully have good weather for a trip to the famed “Wave”. Then, it is west to Valley of the Fire State Park near Las Vegas, and over to the California coast where I will have a week plus to explore, camp and photograph redwood forests and great beaches. My second photography workshop of the season will take place along the southern Oregon coast on May 7-11. I still have 2 openings, if you would like to join us. It will be spectacular!Spring will be in the air by the time I make my way back to Montana. The guys at the oil change garage love me!
Speaking of photography workshops, I still have a scattering of openings for all of the remaining 2015 classes. Please contact me and we’ll get you set up.